Anjaan (TAMIL)


Starring: Surya, Samantha, Vidyut Jamwal, Manoj Bajpai and many more
Editing : Anthony
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Santhosh Sivan
Directed by: Lingusamy

This is the film which the hero chose after giving thumbs down after hearing 3 other scripts from the director. Then the cast got bigger and the crew too along with the budget thus making it as one of the film which was clearly in expectations to almost all the film faternity. But has it played it part by providing the needed entertainment is the question to be addressed.

Krishna (Surya) is physically challenged and has travelled to Mumbai in search of his brother. He visits places of local goons to find some clue about his brother, who he claims has disappeared. Krishna learns the truth about his brother, who was a dangerous and fearless don(!) called as Raju Bhai in the gangster circles. Chandru (Vidyut) and Raju forms the gang which destroys the entire opponents. However, they tangle with Imran (Manoj Bajpai), another ruthless gangster, who hates their guts and eventually has them both killed. Can Krishna avenge the death of his brother? Watch it among many of the yawns which automatically comes till now.

The most triggering thing for me is the ‘U’ rating given for the film. Shots are fired at people at point blank range, knives and other sharp objects are thrust into bodies which spew blood and the heroine gets her due with item songs, skimpy clothes and a gratuitous shot of a blouse being unhooked, and yet the film gets a ‘clean’ tag from the censor board whereas few other movies still have to plead for ‘U’ certificate when they dont have anything like mentioned above. Funny..!!

Performance wise, Surya is stylish and carries the entire film. As always, he steals the show. Vidyut looks sauve and smart and could have given more screen presence for him. Samantha looks very chic and she oozes the needed glamour whenever she appears in her work by dancing to the peppy songs (bikini 😀 ). Manoj Bajpai looks like a clown along with all other goons. The film has the distinction of being the first film in the world to be shot with the Red Dragon Digital camera handled by Santhosh Sivan, the results are simply stunning. Yuvan’s music is quite good, especially the BGM.

There is not one or two drawbacks but the entire film is a mere drawback. Bad lip syncs, actors keeping on talking in Hindi without being given a voiceover or the needed subs we can add many such drawbacks like this. The length of the film also adds fuel to the fire. It is high time Lingusamy, who is reluctant to change, accepts the fact that age-old formula doesn’t work anymore. Big let down..!! 🙂 😦


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