Hercules (ENGLISH)


The film is nothing but the portrayal of the man Hercules (Dwayne Johnson @ The Rock). Hercules is considered as the mythical son of Zeus. He never goes to fight alone but with his entire team where each one is specialized in one thing thus making the Hercules to be the best to give training for other kingdom’s soldiers. Hercules always get the fee in the form of gold of his weight and when he goes to train for Coty’s men to defeat Rhesus. The story has many twists and turns which are interesting too.

Dwayne Johnson is apt for the role of Hercules. He gets chances to emote also. All his other team members are also performed well with each one has different character to show. The climax could have been a bit more well etched as it did not suit the entire mood of the film. The 3D effects are also very nice and neat.

The film gets its war scenes right and good production values ensure watching it in 3D is quite a treat. People who love to watch nice action and war oriented films that too in 3D, Hercules can be the perfect choice. Best bet for an evening of happiness and thrills..!! 🙂


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