Saivam (TAMIL)

Saivam movie poster

Starring: Nasser, Basha, Baby Sarah, Shanmugarajan and many more
Editing : Antony
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Directed by: AL Vijay

A film by Vijay who has directed films with almost all the leading stars of the industry was the first thought came to mind when the film’s announcement was made. Later it was known that this film wont be having neither any hero nor any heroine except Nasser and Baby Sarah (Deivathirumagal fame) as the main characters. Then came the news Nasser’s son Basha being interoduced in the film and the film promotes Vegeterianism which is depicted right away in the title (with the logo of Green which depicts for vegeterian items). But still I dint have any interest in watching this except for a power shutdown which made me to watch this film just to pass of time as the film was just about 120 minutes.

Kathiresan (Nasser), the head of the family, is overjoyed at having his entire family of three sons and a daughter under one roof when they all get together for a temple function in their home town. His daughter has travelled from abroad, while his two sons have come down from the city with their families. Kathiresan lives in the village with his third son, who has a daughter Tamizhselvi (Baby Sarah). There is also a sweet innocent love that blooms between the young cousins, Senthil (Baasha) and Abhirami (Twara Desai). The family has a Nerthikadan (promise of an offering to God in return for a favour), which is long overdue. They believe that the delay in fulfilling the promise has led to a number of problems for the family. Together they decide that Papa, a rooster, should be sacrificed before the village deity for which Tamizh stands against. What happens to Papa and Tamizh forms the rest.

The film throws light on our family value system. The characters in the movie also show the attitude of urbanites towards their rural counterparts. Not to forget, it tells you that village kids are no less to the children brought up in cities. It also conveys that offering animals to God will not solve any problem. Nasser and other casts have done complete justice to their roles. People will fall in love with Sara again after Deivathirumagal. Shanmugarajan as the fake astrologer in a brief cameo brings the roof down with his hilarious performance. In the end, you will start loving each and every character in the movie. Though the film is short in length, certain scenes in the second half could have been chopped.

Nirav Shah has added his camera skills in the film to the already beautiful village locations from the Chettinad side. GV Prakash’s music is appropriate and pleasant both in songs and in BGM’s. Good dialogues, great characterisation with opportunities for everyone to prove themselves, plenty of humour and a light-hearted romance are the biggest positives which Vijay has given more importance and thus all clicked together well. There is no room for vulgarity, fights or item number in the movie which is another plus. The film is a clean and well-made family entertainer. It won’t be wrong if I say that this flick is the best movie of Vijay till date. Good flick for the family..!! 🙂


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