Bangalore Days (MALAYALAM)


Starring: Dulqar Salman, Nivin Pauly, Fagath Fasil, Nazriya, Parvathy Menon, Isha Talwar, Nithya Menon and many more
Music: Gopi Sundar
Directed by: Anjali Menon

What attracted me to watch this film is about every other magazine or article was writing very much high about this film. Fine. Next the film was getting booked just like that in Chennai. Okay. Then the director announced the film now has subtitles added to it. Hmmm thats good. So this was the reason for me seeing the film. But lets see how the film is as I did not watch even the trailer, which my friends said was excellent.

Arjun (Dulquar), Kuttan (Nivin) and Divya (Nazriya) are three cousins. Kuttan and Arjun, Software Engineer and a bike mechanic by profession respectively will be settled in Bangalore. Divya will be married to Das (Fahad), who will be working in a Bangalore based company. Their marriage life will not be in good terms, as Das will be a workaholic guy. In this course, Divya will come to know about Das’s old love story, which makes her stay away from him. What happens next?

The one thing which surprises you is the star cast. Almost all of the younger crop of the Malayalam industry has been part of the film. And the film is not a love story as many will be thinking. The film is a bundle stunningly subtle moments of emotions which has presented and executed very well. It’s never easy to handle three bright young heroes in a film, but director does it with great elan. The characters and their stories have been written and executed in an impressive way. Dulqar has given splending performance and he has more screen presence when compared with other male leads. Nivin’s innocence character is cute whereas Fahad’s surprising twist to his past gains interest. Nazriya is full of life and Parvathy comes up with another terrific performance. Isha Talwar and Nithya Menon have limited roles to play, but they suit their roles perfectly. The rest of the cast is good as well.

Sameer Thahir’s visuals are top notch. A Bangalorean, who don’t even understand Malayalam will fall for Sameer Thahir’s camera work. Gopi Sundar’s music is fine and sets up the tempo and mood for the film (Yes I listened to the songs after coming back from film). The film stretches to three hours but one doesn’t feel it thanks to the even pacing. Anjali has given a good screenplay and directed her story well. A perfect youth entertainer which you can go for it.  Strictly recommended..!! 🙂


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