Manjapai (TAMIL)


Starring: Vimal, Lakshmi Menon, Rajkiran and many more
Editing : Deva
Music : NR Raghunandhan
Cinematography: Masani
Directed by: N Ragavan

To be frank a film acted by Vimal never kindles interest unless any big names involved in it. Thus the film was released almost more than 300 plus screens due to its extensive marketing. I still dint have interest. Finally I was made to watch this film which has Rajkiran returning back after a hiatus. Not so interesting songs too. Lets see what this bag offers us.

ManjaPai tells the story of a grandfather and grandchild played by Rajkiran and Vimal. Tamizh (Vimal) has been brought up by his grandfather since his childhood. He manages to settle in Chennai as a software engineer where he struggles for going to USA from his company. So in the meantime he invites his grandfather to Chennai and what happens next is the crux of the film. Add love segments (with Lakshmi Menon) in the middle mixed with overdose of emotions will form the remaining part of screenplay.

The director has attempted to highlight the isolated life and callous attitude of people in the city. But most of the incidents seem superficial and predictable. The film is too formulaic to make a hard-hitting statement that people in villages are naive, helpful and their love unconditional. But does all this apply to people of this generation or even the so-called villages? The highlight of the film is none other than Rajkiran, who has come out with brilliant performance. Rest of the cast is not noteworthy to mention.

Raghunandhan’s music and Masani’s camerawork just passes muster. Editing could have been pepped up at many places. The film suffers from a lack of pace right from the beginning to the long-drawn-out tragic climax, which comes as a total disappointment. Overall with its cliched plot, the film has absolutely nothing new to offer. 🙂


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