Mundasupatti (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishnu, Nandita, Kaali Venkat, Ramdoss, Anandraj and many more
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography: PV Sankar
Directed by: Ram

Yet another short film converted to feature film. Fine. What the change will be in this. As per the trailer there is nothing changed. Story?. Same. Ok we can ignore it. Thats what it was when the trailers came. A slightly tweaked trailer it was but nothing was much interesting. Then the songs were good which made us irk towards the screens. Thus I saw the film and the end result of me was I was just rolling over my seats with laughs and even more laughs. And even the pre hype for the film was good and the movie’s team strategy of building a site where you can create moustache for your picture made a wave among the public and celebrities too.

The story starts from 1947 and then comes back and stays in 1982 in a fictional village where taking photographs is banned as people who gets photographed starts to die one after another. So the only time where the click sound is heard in the village is only when a person dies. One scenario makes the hero Gopi (Vishnu) and his assistant Azhagu (Kaali Venkat, who played the lead in the short film). There Gopi meets Kalaivani (Nandita) and that leads to the love plot. The photograph which they took is not clearly exposed. What happens next forms an excellent events which leads to happy ending amidst superstitions which is still followed in most of the villages.

The director has tried to neatly pack the movie with comedy sequences at regular intervals. The first half is full of entertainement even though some scenes are repetitive. The phase picks up just before the interval where the real plot starts to begin. The second half is better and keeps audience engaged. The love scenes could have been trimmed a bit down as nothing was new in it except the interesting background score.

Vishnu and Nandita seem perfectly at ease with their characters. Kaali Venkat adds to the comic elements, but the pick of the lot is without doubt Ramdoss, who plays Nandita’s uncle Muniskanth, an aspiring actor. Though his antics are highly exaggerated he managed to garner the most laughs. Anandraj makes a fine return to the screen as the impotent zamindar. His character keeps numerous cats in his place and that too forms part of the plot. This veteran is not been used in the recent times and he has shown is potential back even in the short character he got. Even the person who plays the fraudulent village priest is apt.

The biggest winner is music department. Sean Roldan’s background score works big time. Sean keeps attracting just even in his second movie. PV Sankar’s cinematography is vibrant and Leo John Paul’s editing is neat. The art work and production design give it the 80’s look – bell bottom pants, Yashica still camera and the old Jawa bike. Even though film seems to extend a bit towards the end, the director manages to keep things playful and entertaining at all  times. One more feather to CV Kumar and his team to furnish a altogether new film with different theme clubbed with insults to superstitions, hats off to Ram for providing a nice feature. Rollicking and brilliant film..!! 🙂


Here is the link for short film:


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