Edge Of Tomorrow (ENGLISH)


The film is nothing but just a war between military officers and Mimics who are nothing but similar to aliens which we might have seen in many of the English films. William Cage (Tom Cruise) who serves for the army is stuck in a time loop where he gets back to the same day whenever he dies in the war. Its nothing but like he dies but he resets to the prior day when he was alive. The other side Mimics, controlled by an entity named the Omega, have taken over most of Europe. Cage gets the power from one such Mimic during the war and thus he gets resets all the time he dies. Confusing right? Yes it was just like that for most when the film is in progress.

Whenever the scenes are going crucial all of a sudden Tom Cruise will be seen getting up from time loop. Once or twice is ok but not almost all the time. Emily Blunt who helps him in the film also had a crucial role in helping him to get out away from Omega. We know Cruise is famous for performing mind blowing stunts but not that much with emotions. He falls flat in many of such scenes.

Mimics, Mutants oophh.. We had enough of them in the recent times. But I doubt why dont Hollywood people think beyond that. When the film was in progress it did strike me that Tom Cruise has already had acted in a similar type of film called War of the Worlds which was also a big let down. This had a good opening but too much of resets or time loop , say whatever, had made this film to be kept out of the interesting lists of films which can be watched again. Better luck next time Mimic Cruise.. 😛


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