Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham (TAMIL)


Starring: Santhanam, Ashna, Naagi Needu, Senthil and many more
Editing : Saikant
Music : Sidharth Vipin
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Directed by: Srinath

Finally another comedian has turned into a complete hero. Santhanam already played as one of the lead in Arai En 305 l Kadavul but this time he has done a solo performance and that too in a story which was a runaway hit in the original. How he has performed and has he given a tough fight for the other leading heroes.? Pretty much yes but with a slighter tone.

As usual the story is about the family revenge drama and how the hero overcomes the family feud which started by his father and joins with the heroine who as usual is the daughter of the villain. Not a heavy and impressive storyline. But the point where there is some life in the film is how the hero escapes from the villain(s) as they will kill him only when he steps out of the house. Sounds interesting but how it has been taken. Not much interesting though. Not sure why the hero needs an intro song that too when he is getting delayed to his work.

Its a Santhanam show all the way. He displays some extraordinary dancing prowess and also delivers as a complete actor, displaying a range of emotions. His brand of comedy is hilarious and slapstick, and brings about hearty laughter on more than one occasion, especially in the first half. But the same gets bored when it keeps on repeating. Ashna is just another heroine. Nothing much to say. VTV Ganesh and Solar Star Rajakumaran helps Santhanam in the comedy section.

Sidharth Vipin has been promoted to score for a mass commercial flick and he has given his best in the songs and BGM sections. Richard’s angles are good and the editing could have been crispier in the climax scenes where there was unnecessary stretches which makes to keep on yawning. Srinath has relied entirely on the original and has helped Santhanam to fit in the shoes of a commercial hero and thus the fans of Santhanam and fans of commercial flicks might enjoy this film. Else its just another one out of 100.. 🙂


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