Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (TAMIL)


Starring: Dulqar Salman, Nazriya, Madhoo, Pandiarajan and many more
Editing : Abhinav Sundar
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : Soundararajan
Written and Directed by: Balaji Mohan

Interesting Title..!! The teasers also showed and proved it. How its possible is what all would think. But what does this short film turned feature film director offer in his second film was the most interesting thing to watch out from this film and that too his debut was runaway hit both in short and feature film. So whats there in this talk oriented film.? Lets see..

The film is set in Panimalai, a fictional mountain town, where the hero Arvind (Dulqar Salman) is a salesperson who is kind at heart as he cannot stop himself from solving things that are broken. Anjana (Nazriya), doesn’t talk much and obliges to her boyfriend’s dictates. Meanwhile, interesting things are happening in the town like a mysterious illness is spreading in the town which results in people losing their voice. The government declares this as Dumb Flu, and implements a curfew forcing all individuals of the hill station from speaking. What happens next forms the interesting part of the film.

The director has created different kind of roles and brings in a lot of fun moments through them. One thing that should be appreciated is that fact that there are not commercial distractions in the storyline and the humour quotient is high. The screenplay is refreshing and human emotions have been perfectly presented. There are satire on present-day politcally motivated scenarios like banning movies. The second half entirely relies on BGM and the news reporter’s relay which is a very high risk taken and which has succeeded.

Dulqar makes a ravishing debut in Tamil. His Tamil diction and dialogue delivery is perfect. And another person who makes impact in her silent role is Nazriya. Madhoo makes a comeback but her role just crosses as it is. The director Balaji Mohan himself as appeared as a newscaster which does draw some laughs, but it is Robo Shankar and John Vijay’s (who essays the character of Nuclear Star Boomesh) antics that draw the maximum laughs. Many other characters like Pandiarajan, Arjun, RJ Balaji, Kali, Vinuchakravarthy added more flavor to this interesting story. Character selection is apt in this film.

Debutant Sean Roldan should be much happier for getting such a film as his debut where he has entire second half to prove his BGM skills and he scores to the T in that. His variations in songs are also good. Soundararajan has captured Munnar’s beauty in every frame of the film. Though film is nice, characters use motion language in the second half that may not be liked by all section of audiences and thus it may appear to be draggy. Balaji’s film is refreshing and a totally new concept coupled with his unique narrative style and a screenplay loaded with satire and comedy, makes Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, a thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable film. Definitely a must watch, if light hearted films is your genre..!! 🙂


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