Thenaliraman (TAMIL)


Starring: Vadivelu, Meenakshi Dixit, Radharavi and many more
Editing : Raja Mohammad
Music : D Imman
Cinematography : Ramnath Shetty
Written and Directed by: Yuvaraj Dhayalan

Note: This is my 50th post..!!

A comedian who is off for nearly 3 years comes back not to perform his usual comedy efforts but hits back as a hero in this king sized film. So the expectations were sky high and the pre release talks were also reflected the same. But does the sky high expectations does have the worth? Lets check it..

Vadivelu plays the dual roles of a king , Mamannar, and his minister Thenaliraman. The kingdom’s future is in trouble with the council of ministers planning a conspiracy against the king. Eight of his ministers want to have a deal with Chinese traders. So, this becomes the root cause of all issues. A sincere minister gets killed and the jester enters the court of the king as his replacement. The ordinary man Thenaliraman, who is sent to kill the king, understands the situation, which is creating chaos in the kingdom. How do the Vadivelus’ tackle the situation, forms the rest.

Both the characters of Vadivelu are different from each other. The screenplay loses the grip in the second half. The wrong placement of the songs is the biggest letdown. Vadivelu does a one-man show in the film. His body language and sense of humour are treat to watch. Meenakshi Dixit doesn’t have much to do in the film. Rest other characters fits the bill and have done justice to their roles. Radharavi sounds good and acts good. Imman tries to recreate the sounds of the older decade but has tried to make up and does his best.

Ramnath Shetty’s cinematography is perfect. However, CG and art departments stand out from all other technical departments, as it gives the feel of period films. The film does not have mass slapstick comedy that one associates with a Vadivelu film. It becomes preachy beyond a point and second half drags. Vadivelu seems to have gone for a safer option and so comes with a film that feels like a less funny and bloated version of his own Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi. Yuvaraj, halfway down, makes to feel us in a dilemma whether the film is a comedy oriented or message oriented which provides the laughs far and few. The film can be a family entertainer majorly for the kids as they would have missed their comedy hero for more years. For rest its just a time pass..!! 🙂


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