Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum (TAMIL)


Starring: Arulnidhi, Bindhu Madhavi, Baghavathiperumal, Ashritha, Nasser and many more
Editing : Raja Mohhamad
Music : Natarajan Sankaran
Cinematography : SR Kathir
Written and Directed by: Chimbudevan

Chimbudevan is known for his taste on fantasy subjects and he returns for his next with always a different story and joins hands with Arulnidhi who quiet gives away different flicks in this quirky titled film. Does this film also has fantasy and that too in a Chimbu style..? Lets see..

Lord Shiva shows three different episodes in a person’s life, just by change of time and how the delay changes the whole situation. He illustrates his point through a kidnapping incident. Tamizh (Arulnidhi) is asked to kidnap his lover Isabella (Ashritha) by her father’s arch-rival in business as she is about to get married in a church. Tamizh is assisted by two other friends Malar (Bindhu Madhavi) and Isakki (Baghavathi). The crux of the story is that three different timing will have three different endings. The timing will have the three principal characters encountering different situations showing how the ways of people they meet change the story.

But what makes the movie stand out is it’s screenplay and well conceived direction. With the story in place, a lot of minor incidents are put together to make a completely appealing movie. And all these incidents have been shot with utmost care, keeping in mind all the fine details.The film belongs to Arulnidhi . He is cool and does his role with a lot of ease and has perfect timing and his body language is apt. It is a difficult role as the situation changes for the hero in three different episodes and Arulnithi makes it convincing. Baghavathiperumal @ Baks gives a good time in three different situations each time makes his effort proved. Bindhu Madhavi gives her support too. Many co characters are part of the film and all have proved their efficiency in their respective roles.

Music is apt and the songs are also comes in montages. Kadhir should have carried really the camera on his shoulders as the more than half of film keeps on running. Editing could have been better. If comedy and out-of-the-box could be mixed in the same film, then probably no one can do it with the finesse of Chimbudevan’s. OKMK is practical, which doesn’t end with being just an on-screen show, but is one that you can relate to. Time pass..!! 🙂


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