Naan Sigappu Manidhan (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Saranya, Iniya, Jagan and many more
Editing : Anthony L Ruben
Music : GV.Prakash
Cinematography : Richard M Nathan
Written and Directed by: Thiru

NARCOLEPSY..!! This one word was unknown to many before the film’s teaser came. Then it reached many and we came to know that the film’s story has this medical disorder as the theme. Once you heard about the disorder immediately all were curious to know how a film is possible to be taken based on this as a theme. This cannot be ignored as another film which is based on usual disorders, so lets review what is basically dealt with.

Indran (Vishal) suffers from narcolepsy, a rare sleeping disorder, which makes him fall asleep when he experiences any form of extreme emotion or happiness. He has 10 wishes which he wants to fulfill in his life. He is supported by his mother (Saranya) and his friends (Jagan & Sundar Ramu). Indran come across Meera (Lakshmi Menon) in his life and what happens in his life next forms the rest of the interesting plot. I dont want to reveal much about the plot so I think this is enough.

As the pre release promos informed, Water, seriously plays an important role in the film and I dont find anything wrong with the particular scenes which fetched this film an UA. The co producer and the hero of the movie Vishal gives his fullest effort for the film which has worked excellent. He has carried this film on his shoulders. Lakshmi Menon has come out with flying colours. She has performed well. The lead pair’s chemistry gives an added advantage for the film. Jagan’s comedy lights up the smile which enhances the first half. Saranya is at her usual best. Iniya and Sundar’s part are the one’s to watch out.

GV Prakash’s music and BGM is another highlight of the film. Richard M Nathan’s camera especially the night effect and the top angle shots add to the mood of the film. Ruben’s fast cut editing enhances the film. There is no major drawback in the film but the screenplay in the second half is not engaging when compared with the first and it could be the only big drawback in the flick. Thiru who is known for his twists through the screenplay and who plays well with the story proves that this film is also no different with the second half taking quite a lot of topsy-turvy rides. Finally, NSM is edge-of-the-seat entertainer. This will be a perfect Summer commercial film for all classes. Watch it..!! 🙂


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