Cuckoo (TAMIL)


Starring: Dinesh, Malavika, Murugadoss, Elango and many more
Editing: Shanmugam Velusamy
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : P.K.Varma
Written and Directed by: Raju Murugan

A love story with the lead pair being blind.! How poignant it will be..  Such was the thought it striked the mind when I was about to see the film. That too it comes from a person who has written a lot through his series in a weekly magazine. The trailers were amazing and the songs were excellent, but the film? How it will not be a combination of the both amazing and excellent??

The movie is the story of two blind people, who are united by love. Tamizh (Dinesh) and Kodi (Malavika) found love not from eyes but from ears. The girl’s heartbeat increases when she hears the footsteps of the boy and brings smile on her face. They may be blinded but they can feel the love from their remaining four senses. How they protect each other and to what extent they go to save their love form the crux of the story.

There is no unnecessary moping or attempt to arouse empathy. Instead of making it drab, dark and depressive, the director has chosen to make it a bright, cheerful and colorful film with characters you will fall in love with. The entire movie gives an outlook of these specially challenged people and how they jump through the obstacles on their journey called life.

Dinesh and Malavika’s acting are nothing short of experienced professional acting and a first time viewer would definitely not agree that they are indeed sighted people. The music and entertainment troupe that Thamizh is a part of keeps the audience in splits with its unique characters. We have an MGR, a Vijay, an Ajith and also a Chandrababu that too with 3 wifes. Murugadoss plays Thamizh’s friend and well-wisher and his satirical dialogues were much appreciated earning him loud whistles.

Santosh Narayan’s music stands out from all other departments. His songs are very soothing. The film is filled with beautiful melodies complemented by haunting lyrics and mesmerizing vocals. Varma’s cinematography is apt and Velusamy’s editing is perfect. Raju Murugan takes us into the world of the very self-sufficient and independent blind community, who go about their everyday life, just as any of us would do. He showed that they too have love within them. Though there are some elements that might give a cliche feel to this movie, on the whole there is nothing to complain and it’s a must go movie for its direction, music, and aspiring acting sure to enthrall our emotions. Dont miss this..!! 🙂


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