Nedunchalai (TAMIL)


Starring: Aari, Shivada, Salim Kumar, Thambi Ramayya and many more
Editing: Kishore
Music : C.Sathya
Cinematography : Rajavel Oliveeran
Written and Directed by: Krishna

This was one of the film which was looked just for nothing when it was actually ready except for the factor that it was directed by none other than the one who actually did Sillunu Oru Kadhal with the music of the Mozart of Madras. The songs of this film got released and it sounded good and pleasant. Then came the news of a big production house backing it and then there was no looking back for this film. Good promos and hype made the film a look out.

Tharpai Murugan (Aari) is the guy who steals things from the lorries along with his group and gives it to his boss (Salim Kumar). Manga (Shivada) runs a Dhaba on a highway which does not have any customers but suddenly starts to get more as the reason is Murugan. Enters the Inspector Masanam (Prashant) and gets attracted by Manga. He wants to obtain her with use of Aari for which Aari does not support him. There forms the enemity between them with Manga being in the middle. What happens next forms the slow and steady part of the film.

The action of the movie set in the 80’s period portrays it well through the Art department. The clarity in the characters are clear as why a mallu girl was chosen as a heroine as she has to act as a Malayali girl. Same goes well with the character of Salim Kumar. Aari plays the Murugan character well as a well toned and hard guy with gutsy expressions in his eyes. He emotes well too. Shivada takes off well and lands very well which makes confuse whether is this her debut performance for her in this language. Thambi Ramayya and Ashwin takes care of comedy whereas Salim Kumar plays a solid role. Prashant brings vengeance through his eyes by playing a cruel Inspector.

Music and camera elevates the film more higher. Music gels well with the film be it the BGM’s or the songs. Melodies tops in the films. As the name has light in him, he has not used any lights in the film it seems. Rajavel Oliveeran visionised the film really well. Be it the chase scenes or the songs or the fights, he can be given a pat on his back. Krishna should be appreciated for taking time and giving a film with a totally different genre particularly after a romantic one. His highway gives us a rusty feel and makes us travel to a different genre. Althogh the journey seems to b a not new one the travel can be enjoyed..!! 🙂


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