Vallinam (TAMIL)


Starring: Nakul, Mridhula, Atul Kulkarni, Jagan, Jayaprakash and many more
Editing: Sabu Joseph
Music : Thaman
Cinematography : Bhaskaran
Written and Directed by: Arivazhagan

As everyone says the second film of a director is the most watched that too if the debut was a run away hit. Club that with a very strong producer in the industry and that too a sports film. Then the expectations will be sky high. But what this film faced is the just opposite. The film was lying in the cans for long time and finally comes out. So what does this sports film going to say to us.

Krishna (Nakul) is a talented basketball player in Trichy. During a game an accident takes place and his best buddy Shiva (Hero Kreshna in a cameo) dies. To get away from the past, Krishna leaves Trichy and moves to a Chennai college. He finds that cricket is the most favoured game and given undue advantage in the college sports curriculum. Due to the villainous cricket captain Krishna starts basketball team in college. What Krishna does to bring up the basketball team with the help of heroine (Mridhula) forms the rest.

First hats off to the crew for not using a full fledged CG part for taking the basketball scenes. And that too they have used special camera person for taking the match. And the entire cast has trained and acted and played well in the film which makes you forget that you are not seeing a film but a match. The heroine is a big let off and the love portions does not make any impact apart from the heroine’s dad being the sponsor for the tournament.

It is undoubetedly the best movie of Nakul. He has matured as an actor and has come out with brilliant performance. His voice modulation and acting are good. Jayaprakash, Jagan, Amzad, Atul Kulkarni and others have done justice to their roles. Heroine Mridhula looks horrible and watchable in only the song whichcomes in second half.

Bhaskaran’s cinematography is excellent and Thaman’s music stands out well. Arivazhagan has come out with all together different genre and showed us what all the practical difficulties that a sportsman and sports need to face out to prove it out. Vallinam is a good attempt and needs encouragement. It is worth watching once for the efforts put by the young team and the spirit on the game.


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