Nimirndhu Nil (TAMIL)


Starring: Jayam Ravi, Amala Paul, Soori, Sarathkumar and many more
Editing: AL.Ramesh
Music : GV.Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : M.Sukumar-M.Jeevan
Written and Directed by: Samuthirakani

After a very long time and that too after a double act disaster from Ravi, yet again he comes up with another double act where he joins hands with the power packed director and the theme is also a power packed. What does this film gives us as it gains a very big pre release talks. Lets see.

Aravind (Ravi) who does his schooling in an Ashram where he learns decorum and discipline for self humans comes to real world where he faces many challenges and fails in each of his tries. Poomari (Amala Paul) gets attracted to him as he is so simple. He is frustrated which virtually induces him to fight against corruption against law and order. How he achieves that forms the rest.

Exposing the corrupt officials while receiving bribe and how they face the legal charges is a twist in the film which is otherwise nothing new in content wise. The officials form a group to disprove the charges levelled against them is further more interesting which makes the audience to look up and wait what the film will give when powerful media comes into the main. But the rest of the second half is a letdown majorly because of the needless song sequences.

Jayam Ravi, who plays a double role in the film has essayed his character with aplomb and near perfection. The major segment of the first half of the movie sees him portraying an innocent man with noble intentions and he has brought life in to the character by means of his natural acting mainly in emotional parts. Sarathkumar is impressive in his cameo and it’s a cakewalk for Gopinath to don a news anchor. Amala Paul does not have anything more than being the arm candy of the hero. Soori raises a few guffaws with his one liners and the actor has done justice to the role. Some of the regulars from the camp of Samuthirakani also offer some laughs.

GV could have done much better in the songs except the first song. His BGM’s are apt. Cinematography by M.Sukumar and M.Jeevan is average and was found to be wanting in many sequences. One major drawback in the film is the VFX portion. The highway stunt sequence was too artificial for anyone’s liking and failed to capture the imagination. The dialogues in the film seem to be one of its highlights. Samuthirakani has handled a plot which is not new except for the twist in the part of its narration which is partially taken back by the entire second half of the film. Still the film can be enjoyed by the audience who still owe that the society has to be changed. The chance is yours..!! 🙂


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