300: Rise of an Empire (ENGLISH)


The invading Persian forces led by the god-like Xerxes and navy commander Artemisia battle the Greeks, led by Themistocles in the hope of conquering the land. With the odds against him, Themistocles must use wits and strength in equal measure to save Greece from destruction.

While the first 300 movie dealt with Leonidas and the events at Thermopylae, here the focus shifts to the equally furious sea battle, fought on dark, choppy waters. King Xerxes (Santoro) and Queen Gorgo of Sparta (Headey) face off, with their respective commanders Artemisia (Green) and Themistocles (Stapleton) leading their navies. Although the previous movie is referenced in the gorgeous opening shot, the battle then rides on Themistocles’ able shoulders.

This is not a sequel nor a prequel too. It deals with incidents here and there from the past mentioning the reason of why Artemisia who is a Greek now in Persian attack. But we are clear at the end that what will be the third part is about after the Sparta and Themistocles joins hands to defeat Xerxes. That will be one interesting final battle.

The film itself looks fantastic, awash in a red-sepia tone that dominates everything. Although you will have seen many action films set during a point of time in history (this one’s set in 480 BC), there is plenty in here to keep your attention from start to finish.

If you see whether this film is more better than the first one i would strictly say a NO. The first part had a life in it but this has only blood and fleshes, but except the stellar performance from Eva Green. Overall this empire is not even a gold bath but strictly a Blood bath.


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