Thegidi (TAMIL)


Starring: Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, Kaali, Jayaprakash and many more
Editing: Leo John Paul
Music : Prasanna Nivas
Cinematography : Dinesh Krishnan
Written and Directed by: P.Ramesh

Another CV.Kumar’s venture where he handpicks another short film series winner to make a film with the needed budjet and crisp story. As its backed by CV.Kumar, the film gained more popularity and thats what made me to to see this film.

As this film is based on an investigative thriller type of genre, I am not going to say the entire story. Vetri (Ashok) does a Criminology course and gets selected for a detective firm where he gets assignments based on ‘shadowing and surveillance’. He meets Madhu (Janani) and what does the story makes these two to be together along with a excellent script for thriller genre makes this film wonderful.

The first thing to look on the film is its short running time of just 2 hours. The first half keeps you on toes and makes you think and the second half gives you a thrilling and jubilant ride. First half romance between the lead pair is excellent and a moment makes you think whether this is a thriller film or a romance genre type. Such are the scenes which involves the lead pair with cute and neat expressions.

Ashok Selvan has proved his subtle acting abilities once again. His performance adds a huge value to the project. Janani Iyer is equally brilliant and she portrays really well using her big eyes. Their chemistry works out well for the film. Kaali as the hero’s friend depicts the real life friend character with good dialogs and Jayaprakash excels in his character of a Police. How comes he is best suited to all type of roles makes me surprised many times.

Debutant scoring of Prasanna keeps us along with the film without any deviation. The duets are excellent and the thriller type BGM is amazing. Welcome addition to the industry. Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography is upto the mark. Leo’s editing is sharp and his work has given a sleek look to the film. Nobody would have imagined that a newcomer would make such a thriller which Ramesh had pulled it using the best of his short cast and crew. Overall this film is a well analyzed and perfectly executed thriller which should not be missed at any cost.  🙂


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