Highway (HINDI)


Starring: Randeep Hooda, Alia Bhatt and many more
Editing: Aarti Bajaj
Music : AR.Rahman
Cinematography : Anil Mehta
Written and Directed by: Imtiaz Ali

The team of Rockstar joins together again with a different backdrop this time where the theme is loosely based on a road trip. Not a big star cast but the crew is top class and lets see what does this road trip offers us.

Veera (Alia Bhatt) daughter of a big shot goes out for a break with her reluctant fiance. Veera steps out in a petrol bunk and gets kidnapped by violent criminal Mahavir Bhaati (Hooda) and his gang. She is tied-up, beaten, Veera’s thrown onto a terrifying truck that drives off on a never-ending highway, leaving established society far behind. What does Veera experience on this trip and what does Ranveer and his gang gives to Veera forms the story.

The film would have been a bigger triumph had the plot, which just hangs on a collision between two diametrically dissimilar individuals and worlds, packed a little more punch. It adopts a novel mode to address issues pertaining to the class and culture divide, the exploitation of women in feudal communities, and the safety, or lack of it, of the girl child within and without the family.

Highway belongs undoubtedly to Alia Bhatt. Veera gains as she takes control of the situation, captivating her charm, confronting assault. Hooda’s Mahavir is frightening, tightly controlled, the actor portraying dark dislike with crackling tension, switching to bewilderment with comic ease. The film’s dreamy visuals are perfectly complemented by AR Rahman’s terrific tracks, and a minimal background score that’s never intrusive. Shot remarkably by Anil Mehta, whose camera captures not only the astonishing beauty of India’s landscapes but also the chemistry of the lead.

The film – a brave experiment on Imtiaz’s part, who uses long stretches of silence, improved dialogues, and characters over plot to drive the narrative – doesn’t necessarily work. It’s meandering and indulgent in many parts, tiring you out well before it’s over. This Highway starts with many potholes and then runs good which eventually has many lows which is not suiting for the road.



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