Aaha Kalyanam (TAMIL)

11x15_AK_Tamil_Feb 14 2014

Starring: Nani, Vani Kapoor, Simran, Badava Gopi and many more
Editing: Bavan Sreekumar
Music : Dharan
Cinematography : Loganathan
Written by : Maneesh Sharma, Habib Faizal
Directed by: Gokul Krishna

One of the famous production house of North India, Yash Raj Films (YRF) spreads their wings towards the southern part by remaking their super hit Hindi film Band Baaja Baraat. How much the film has been tweaked to make sure it gels with our culture and with no bankable names associated with the project? Lets have a look.

Shruti (Vani) thinks of becoming a big wedding planner on the lines of Chandra (Simran), a big wedding planner of the country. On the other hand, Shakti’s (Nani) parents stay in a village, but Shakti doesn’t want to return to the village. One day, Shakti meets Shruti and listens to her business plans and urges her to allow him to join him as a partner. They work together and soon become popular and earn good money. Shruthi slowly falls in love with Shakthi and they both get intimate. However, things change and they both part ways. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

The chemistry between Vani and Nani is just great. In the original the heroine takes and attracts the entire film but here Nani overcomes that and provides a jolly environment for the film.  Nani performs very well as we have not seen him much even though his last film was a huge hit. He showed good ease comedy scenes and as well the romantic scenes. Vani Kapoor looks good. She mesmerises the audiences with her smile.

Simran makes a guest appearance as a wedding planner. All the supporting artistes did complete justice to their respective roles. Dharan has excelled in his work. All the tunes for the songs are good to listen. The background score was impressive and the re-recording gave good strength to the movie. Loganathan has enhanced the ambience of the film and the film is full of colors as per the theme. Gokul has not changed much from the original and he has made justice towards it.

On the whole, this is a refreshing film, clean entertainer, light-hearted entertainer with stunning visuals, memorable music, and brimming with fun, friendship and romance, very different from the usual romantic comedies we’re so used to. It is fun, enjoyment, celebration and happiness. Go for it!


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