Drishyam (MALAYALAM)


Starring: Mohanlal, Meena and many more
Direction: Jeethu Joseph

My first Malayalam movie in theatres and thats because of the huge reviews the film got from media and also from my friends and colleagues. To add more there was news that its going to be remade into all other Indian languages and Kamal is going to do in Tamil. So what this film has to make it a top grosser in the entire Malayalam film history till now. I saw the film with the help of the subtitles only. 🙂

The story revolves around Georgekutty (Mohanlal) and his family which consists of his wife Rani (Meena) and two daughters. George runs a cable TV network in a hill high town in Kerala and his only work to do daily is to sit and watch films at his office. Meanwhile one of his daughter gets into a trouble by the son of IG officer and he tries to blackmail her. The girl and her mom kills him and the rest of the film revolves around the family and how they try to hide the secret and the dead body from the police. I am not ready to give out anything else extra which may shatter the thrill of watching it.

The first half moves in a slow way with more dialogues which introduces the family and their neighbours and their middle class living. The film becomes racy towards the end of first half and the entire second. How Georgekutty schemes to save his family even as the police focus their investigation solely on him right from the beginning due to a moment of bad luck is a masterpiece of story-telling. Not even a literate he uses his street smartness and the ideas from the movies he watched he executes them very well during all the important situations.

Mohanlal his at his best in this film. To be frank I can say this is his film and he has carried it right from first scene till the end. Hats off to him. He plays as a poor man taking kicks, punches and verbal abuse for the sake of his children and also playing a very smart game with the police. Meena plays an efficient role of a wife and mother of two. The 2 daughters acting was to the T, especially the younger one. The constable has venom in his eyes. The supporting cast of the tea shop owner and Mohanlal’s in-laws are nice. The IG actress emotes well.

The nice part of the film is it just has only 2 songs which does not acts as a speed breaker to the thriller. Apt camerawork and editing. Even though the film is 160 minutes odd not even a single place it goes down. BGM’s are worthy to mention. The screenplay is the next hero after Mohanlal. Jeethu has penned nice story and added with all needed suspense elements which makes it as a thriller family drama which deserves a standing ovation to the director. Excellent Excellent Excellent..!! 🙂


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