Goli Soda (TAMIL)


Starring: Kishore, Sri Ram, Pandi, Murugesh, Seetha, Sujatha, Imman Annachi and many more
Editing: Antony
Music Songs: Arunagiri    Music Background: Seelin
Written by : Vijay Milton, Pandiraj
Cinematography and Directed by: Vijay Milton

Different Title..!! This what this cameraman cum director has done in his first direction film. But that film went without a trace. Again he has taken the baton of direction that too with no heroes and heroines and just semi kids as the main characters. What different he can give with them is what we will think. But he has given us a terror as well interesting cocktail in the form of all of his characters.

The story is about four boys (Kishore, Sri Ram, Pandi, Murugesh) who works around Koyambedu wholesale vegetable and fruit market, situated in Chennai. The are mostly taken care by Aachi (Sujatha) a vegetable shop owner in the same market. Market is under the control of Naidu (Madhusudhan of Mounaguru fame) and his right hand Mayil. Guys along with Aachi asks for help to Naidu to develop their own life who gives one of his shop which they develop as eatery and earns good name in a short while. After this one incident happens which makes them and their shop to close down. What happened and what is the end is an absolute treat to watch.

The main plus of the film is its screenplay and the characters. That makes half of the film a huge success. Each and every scene and every character has done something to the film. Eventhough there is no big stars the film boasts of full commercial elements along with a splendid story. All the 4 boys who already stole with their performance in Pasanga comes back to give another interesting and matured performance. They dont feel like the heroes but they are the heroes without showing any fear in their eyes.

Seetha as ATM is brilliant, her looks, speech and firecracker energy is a big relief to her character. The supporting cast of actors like the Naidu oozes angry with his looks and voice (dubbed by Samuthirakani) and Aachi Sujatha, Imman Annachi and Mayil. The entire cast of Pasanga sans a few have been retained here too. Pandiraj’s dialogs are the best of the best which portrays and informs the reality of the truth in a just a casual manner. Songs doesnt bore you and sinks with the film whereas BGM’s are entertaining. 2 hours of film which has all elements proves the editing is excellent.

The film tells us that everyone needs an identity but the way it was said mixed with all essential elements of a commercial film starting with story makes it very entertaining right from the word go. Dont miss to taste this soda which might be looking same like rest from outside but the taste it gives will make you its better and better and best than anything. 🙂


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