Dhoom 3 (HINDI)


Starring: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bhachan, Katrina Kaif, Uday Chopra, Jackie Shroff and many more
Editing: Ritesh Soni
Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterjee
Music Songs: Pritam    Music Background: Julius Packiam
Written and Directed by : Vijay Krishna Acharya

One of the most expected flick of the year comes as a christmas gift to all the fanatics of Dhoom series. Also Aamir Khan and Katrina were added and rich additions for the project makes so excited for each and every fan of the film series. But is D3 prove its mettle..?

Sahir’s (Aamir Khan) father Iqbal (Jackie Shroff), is a great circus man, who own ‘The Great Indian Circus’. The company is in debt and in a last attempt to save the company, he delivers the last show to the bank authorities. As the authorities deny his request, he shoots himself and dies. Sahir, from then on, is in a mission to take revenge on the bank. Comes in Alia (Katrina) and the 2 cops to resolve the case, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday) joins the party to make sure it reaches the end. Whether it happens or not is the rest.

Why an government asks another government’s cops to investigate their case? If you ask such questions then you will end up asking more than, say, 100+. So its better to remove the logical part of our brain. The interesting part of the film is Aamir playing the anti-hero of this Dhoom, which is the most sentimental of all 3. Editing deserves a special mention for never making a second to go bored out of nearly 180 minutes of running,driving and diving.

Dhoom 3 depends on Aamir’s charisma, his acting of the character, his abs playing a part too. He splendidly portrays the two dimensions of his role well which suits for the man who can emote well. Kat plays her part well for what she has been chosen. As usual Abhishek and Uday try to do something but ends up in the wrong end always.

Camera plays a zig zag role for the entire film as its mostly placed on circus and on bikes. Pritam scores well on Dhoom and Malaang songs, but there should be a special mention for Julius Packiam. It is his work that really gives an emotional hook to many scenes which otherwise would have gone flat. Background score literally elevates the mood of last bank robbery scene and climax.

Even though the film lacks the needed thrill it will be a holiday twister ride which shoots up on the suspense on the interval and this is Aamir Khan’s show all the way. You will enjoy even though you ask many if’s and but’s. I swear on my unborn children. 🙂


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