Kalyana Samayal Saadham (TAMIL)


Starring: Prasanna, Lekha, Delhi Ganesh, Raghav and many more
Editing: Sathyaraj
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasanth
Music : Arrora
Written and Directed by : RS Prasanna

Its been a long time we have seen a film based on the arranged marriage that too not a usual one but which mainly focusses on a TamBrahm style marriage which is hugely sidelined for urban multiplex audience as mentioned in the teasers. The comedy which was the main scene of attraction in the teasers has been continued even in the film but the plot is entirely and thoroughly different from the recent films of the rom com genre. Infact this type of story is very hard to deal with. Confusing right? Yes such a type of film is only this food offers us.

Raghu (Prasanna) and Meera (Lekha), who belong to traditional TamBrahm families, get engaged as per their parents’ wishes. Their wedding is eight months away and the couple gets enough time to know about each other. They slowly understand each other and with just one month left for the marriage, they find out that Raghu is impotent. Next few things after this forms an interesting and funny part of the film which makes this a lively and comical film altogether.

Prasanna deserves special credit for playing a role that most actors would hesitate to take up. As a man who has to keep it up to save his life and at the same time keep his parents stable is simply terrific. Lekha has tried to emote but hardly succeed in that department as she goes overboard at times. Delhi Ganesh proves why he is still celebrated as a senior actor in the industry. His body language is terrific. Prasanna’s friends are a good choice. Crazy Mohan and Kathadi Ramamoorthy adds more taste to the marriage feast.

Director has chosen to handle an extremely sensitive subject with humour rather than being overly dramatic. He merges sensitive issue of stress related temporary impotency in a very sensitive manner laced with humour. Arrora scores well in both the songs and BGM’s. Krishnan’s camera work speaks a ton during the romantic climax.

Inspite of giving importance to minute details from food to wedding cards to decoration of an arranged marriage and blind belief in horoscopes, superstition and family issues, the film lacks a bit in the second half of the film. The first half was more comic whereas the latter was looking like seeing a serial revolving around the same thing. But the film scores overall as its taken a extremely new plot as the story and executed with the needed ingredients and made a tasty full marriage feast. But note it, some of them may not like this as they might think these things should not be said out in public but see as a film and enjoy it.


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