Ivan Vera Madhiri (TAMIL)


Starring: Vikram Prabhu, Surabhi, Vamsi, Ganesh Venkatram and many more
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Cinematography: Shakthi
Music : Sathya
Written and Directed by : Saravanan

Second film for both the director and the hero..!! That too when their debut was massive hit.. The trade and the critics were eagerly waiting for the film as they both come together with not much star cast and more time taken to deliver the film. The promotions were also not much and this is also one of the release which happens in the month of December before the year end. Whats in the store in the second film of the couple…?

The story is not a new one. Its one of the tried and tested line only. But as usual the screenplay and the making is where Saravanan makes you keep glued to the screen. But here also director merges a social message along with a real life incident clubbed along with the commercial elements and presents in a nice and decent way. A protest takes place in the law college which turns violent with the murders of three students. Media focusses the issue and starts debate on the same. Gunasekaran (Vikram Prabhu), a normal public, decides to fight for the cause and to punish the law minister who was the reason for this . So hero kidnaps his brother (Vamsi) which leads to many problems for the minister. In between comes Surabhi who is the heroine and towards the end she is also kidnapped. What happens next is the rest.

The story seems to be okay type but the presentation is what it matters. The entire film moves decently at a decent pace which is needed for a commercial film. The director has worked a lot on well-written scenes and dialogues so not to make audience lose the interest on the plot so he has shot the songs also in montages which will not make anyone to go out for a smoke.! The opening scene clearly depicts a true incident if anyone has not forgot the real.

Vikram Prabhu shows the growth of coming to the top with his height as a plus. His role in the film is brilliant and he has done complete justice to it. But cleverly limited his dancing moves as that might be his weaker side. Surabhi got a good role which might look a silly in the first but its that quality for which she can be liked in the second half. Vamsi is a apt and good choice for the baddie. His physique looks stunning and we too got a Vidyut Jamwal as like in North. Ganesh Venkatram comes in the middle and does his part well which could have been established a bit more.

Sathya’s songs are normal but BGM’s are vibrant in the action scenes. The violin piece in the sad scenes are note worthy. Camera work by Shakthi on huge high buildings shows his goodness at such situations. Sreekar could have trimmed a film a bit in second half which could have boosted the tempo further more.  Action scenes have been created with a difference given the height of the hero. The film has turned out to be fairly different kind of action movie. Even though it has flaws here and there, the quality of the overall product make us to forget all those flaws. Nice one from the director which is complete contrast than his first, but still entertaining like his first.


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