Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham (TAMIL)


Starring: Jai, Sathyan, VTV Ganesh, Rajkumar, Nivedha and many more
Editing: Suresh
Cinematography: Anand
Music Songs: Prem    Music Background: Kannan
Written and Directed by : Chandru

Titled as just Saraswathi Sabatham in the beginning which was later added with Naveena, this film just triggers your brain what it contains. Teasers showed it as comedy. Songs were good. But 4 friends, Bangkok if this is in the film then obviously all will be thinking of a hangover, which is also a no no as per one of the character. Then why such a title for a comedy flick. Thats where the director has used his creativity. He scores full marks for his creativity on this ascpect.

Jai, Sathyan, VTV Ganesh, Nadula konjam pakkatha kaanom Rajkumar – 4 friends, who is from different parts of life, travel to Bangkok for Jai’s bachelor’s party and what happens then & next is the plot. The introduction of all these 4 characters and how they are getting caught by Lord Shiva of Kailayam makes you smile but wait its not staying till the end of the film. Lord Shiva played by Subbu Panchu, Parvathi played by Devadarshini, Naradhar by Manobala all talks very casually like how a current generation of family will be. Naradar showing videos of the main characters to Shiva on iMac! Parvathi using an iPhone, and Muruga playing Temple Run on an iPad (I family) and even Ganesha has a run in treadmill to burn the calories. Interesting.. But the 4 characters are caught in the Shiva’s game where the second half takes place, which is directly opposite to the first.

There is a dialogue in the film where the Naradhar tells Lord Shiva, that please try to finish off the film soon, else the audience will tweet in Twitter that the first half is good and second half is little mokkai. Even though the director thinks he is good in his creativity thats what the real situation for the people as the audience. Editing, Suresh, could have been better in the second half where the film just keeps on going.

Prem has scored very good numbers and Kannan’s background score gels well with the film. Anand has showed the islands of Bangkok as how it should be and the art department has worked tremendously to show the modern day Kailayam. Chandru has worked as assistant to Venkat prabu, for which Venkat also appears in a cameo as how he is and makes his appearance felt. As the film is about telling about a message to the society, thank god that it did not come all of a sudden at the end but which has been showed from the beginning.

Its also one of the film which starts and progresses well but the tide which rises in the first just goes down in the middle and tries to rise again but not upto the mark. Go for this only when you want a time pass and just for some fun with your gang.


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