Irandam Ulagam (TAMIL)


Starring: Arya, Anushka, Venkatesh Harinathan and many more
Editing: Kola Bhaskar
Cinematography: Ramji
Music Songs: Harris Jayaraj    Music Background: Anirudh
Written and Directed by : Selvaraghavan

Love is everywhere. It is here and also in the unseen worlds. The thought of love itself is beautiful and Selva’s latest movie takes it to the next level. But let me warn you that it is not an ordinary work which could be a trap for regular audience! Having said that it has an alluring magic of visuals that will enchant you. The film starts with a quote that tells us that there are many worlds in this universe, and people like us could exist in any of these worlds, and people who die do not necessarily depart us.

The film’s plot involves two romances — one that is set in our world and the other in a fantasy world. How one of these love stories inspires the other and what true love can do to a person is what the film is all about. In the real world, Anushka plays Ramya, a doctor, who is in love with Madhu Balakrishnan (Arya), a college professor. While in the fantasy world, she plays Varna, a high spirited, warrior-like character who deeply values her freedom. She is desperately pursued by Maruvan (Arya again), who is madly in love with her. Alternating between both worlds, the story progresses smoothly, like your average love story, until just before the interval, when the director introduces a dramatic twist.

Selva is a genius and you can only acknowledge it when you keenly observe the reason behind his lead characters. In Irandam Ulagam, he creates two extremely opposite characters played by Arya and Anushka. While Anushka is a simple girl with middle class aspirations in the real world, she plays an independent warrior in the alternate fantasy world with extreme hatred towards marriage. The contradiction in the characters only points out that women are most independent when they are single and marriage weakens them.

The biggest drawback could be slow narration of the story in the first half. While the imaginary world raises curiosity, Selva’s other plot struggles to keep you engaged. Arya and Anushka fits the bill perfectly where Anushka takes an upper hand. The visual experience created by cinematographer Ramji is truly spectacular. He deserves full credit for bringing to life a beautiful new world, a magical place shrouded in mystery and filled with brilliant colors.  Graphics are pleasant but not so bad when compared to other recent flicks. The music heightens the atmosphere and Anirudh has done exceptionally well in BGM’s. The songs, scored by Harris Jayaraj, the lyrics, the picturisation as well as the vocals, everything fits beautifully.

Selva preaches love and he makes us realize that it comes with pain and separation even in an imaginary world. He reiterates that love remains pure even in a fantasy world, but human race is not and never will be. Irandam Ulagam caters to a different set of the audience but not for the masses. It takes a viewer with higher intelligence to decipher what the story is all about. Hats off to the entire team for such a tremendous work. If you have a liking for love and
pure love films, you can be ready for a fantasy ride.


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