Gravity 3D (ENGLISH)


‘In space nobody can hear you scream’. This phrase perfectly suits Gravity, a nail-biting journey that’s as nerve-wracking as it is technically impressive. Two astronauts, George Clooney’s Matt Kowalski and Sandra Bullock‘s Ryan Stone, are adrift in space after disaster strikes during a shuttle mission to the Hubble Telescope.

We feel awe from the start. The film opens with a 12-minute sequence of seamless action in which Matt, Ryan, the giant telescope and the shuttle that brought them there float serenely above a vast, floating Earth until all hell suddenly breaks loose in the form of space debris. While seeing the Earth from space is often a fleeting movie experience, the outrageously-long opening sequence here is worthy of its own.

A woman in space for the first time and a spectacular disaster, with the inestimable advantage from a story-telling perspective that it is all make-believe, and can last as long as the director (Alfonso Cuaron) wants. Two decades after Speed, Bullock has found the perfect receptacle for her humor and intelligence where Ryan’s courage is matched by her intellect. Clooney is movie-star charismatic, even in a subordinate role, a feat that he manages almost entirely with his voice, since he’s encased in spacewalk wardrobe from start to finish. His character isn’t there for complexity.

The 3-D photography is effective, sometimes stunningly so, but never calls undue attention to itself. As you sit in the cinema hall, you too will feel the entertainment changes and rippling your face. Thats the effect this film gives. This glorious creation, less sci-fi and more a thriller set in space, makes you breathless with excitement. Guess you will be sighting the sky next time you whenever you see anything over there..!!


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