Pandiya Naadu (TAMIL)


Starring: Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Bharathiraja, Soori and many more
Editing: Antony
Cinematography: Madhi
Music: D Imman
Written and Directed by : Suseendran

Vishal is in desperate need for a hit to sustain his career in the film industry and Pandiya Nadu has done him good, no doubt. The star has made the right choice in producing this venture and being his maiden production venture, he has proved that he is a passionate producer with keen eye for details. When was the last time you came out of a theatre wishing you could go back in and watch it again? The film is an unpredictable revenge drama that combines family sentiments, romance and violence.

Sivakumar (Vishal), a simple guy working in a mobile service centre, falls in love with school teacher Malar (Lakshmi Menon). Siva’s brother, an honest government employee is killed by the villain. How the silent and meek protagonist Siva rises up and hits back at the baddies forms the crux of the story. The story is the tried and tested revenge theme, but the impact it is able to create is terrific. The film keeps you hooked till the end due to Suseendran’s script, fabulous performances from the lead actors and believability factor.

For the first time in his career Vishal has shed his action hero avatar, and it worked in his favour. To see a commercial actor sans heroism is a rarity in Tamil cinema nowadays, but Vishal stood by the change, which was the need of the hour. It was a welcome relief and helped audiences to instantly connect with his character in particular. Casting is also the film’s biggest strength. Veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja as the father is brilliant and his subtle relationship with Vishal stands out. He gives a knockout performance that makes you root for the actor in him. Vikranth makes a comeback with an impressive cameo, but wish we got to see more of him. Sharath Lohitashwa ( the man who acted in a father role in Ethirneechal ) as the bad guy is fantastic. The amateurish style action is appropriate, much better than most exaggerated action sequences in several Tamil films.

Minute detailing in the screenplay like the movies playing in the theatre where Vishal observes Sharath ( Kalakalapu the first time and Soodhu Kavvum after a year ), Sharath’s boast to Vishal’s brother that he has a fleet of buses go a long way in not only making the events plausible but also add depth to the plot. Even the sub-plot involving Vishal’s friend Vikranth is brought into the main plot in a nifty way. D Imman’s background score has made this film  very special. Madhi’s camerawork should be lauded especially during the chase sequences and Editor Anthony deserves a special praise for his crisp work.

After the hard-hitting urban romance Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer, Suseendran gives us a smartly-written action drama. Like his Naan Mahan Alla, this film too is about a family whose harmony is shattered by anti-social elements, and the consequential quest for revenge by the hero. But that film was an uneven one, swaying between excessive cuteness and extreme violence. But, here, the director manages to find a balance between the ‘family moments’ and the action. Also, the family at the centre of this film feels real enough and not overtly cinematic. Dialogues deserve a special mention which drives most part of the first half where Suseendran join hands with Bhaskar Sakthi.

A grieving father who is equally doting, conceals his happiness with an awkward smile when he comes to know that the man responsible for his son’s death is dead too. He silently walks into his room, breathes a sigh of relief and picks up his crying grandson and takes a stroll. This one scene at the end is enough to make us understand why the film is worth a watch.. Worth the money spent..!!


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