Azhagu Raja (TAMIL)


Starring: Karthi, Kajal, Santhanam, Prabhu and many more
Editing: Vivek Harshan
Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan
Music: Thaman
Written and Directed by : Rajesh

Azhagu Raja created some level of curiousity due to a number of successful combos coming together of Director Rajesh and Santhanam, Karthi and Santhanam, Karthi and Kajal. It is expected that the chemistry between Rajesh and all his heroes could spark off a perfect laugh riot. But this time there is a complete mismatch in all aspects and hence the film falls flat.

Raja @ Azhagu Raja (Karthi), the only son of Prabhu and Saranya, owns an unpopular cable channel named where here are only two employees, one being Raja and other Kalyanam (Santhanam). No matter what they do, neither TRPs nor revenues were improving. The hero, accidentally, comes across Devi Priya (Kajal). Instead of trying to impress her, Azhagu Raja picks up a fight with Devi Priya when she sings a song at a marriage and thus the story keeps on growing. Later as they start liking each other, a flashback of Prabhu opens up. It has to be noted that Karthi steps into Prabhu’s story set in the 80s. Prabhu’s flashback shows us that he was working with her grand father played by Nassar and he had left the job after he was insulted by him.

Ooppphh..!! There seems to be an overdose of characters, 2 roles for Karthi and 3 for Santhanam. There is too much happening in the film. But nothing to keep you interested. After Saguni and Alex Pandian, Karthi desperately needed a hit. Unfortunately his bad luck continues, as Azhagu Raja has absolutely nothing to offer to an actor of Paruthiveeran calibre. He continues with his usual modulations and dialogue delivery patterns. But his 80’s avatar is to be commended. Kajal fits as a typical dumb heroine of commercial flicks. Santhanam is been type casted for his comic one-liners and they couldn’t make an impact on audiences this time, though he steals the show with variety of expressions. Santhanam’s presence is inevitable in all Rajesh’s movies with not much change in his role or characterisation. Though he does have his moments in Azhagu Raja, the comedy seems to be forced, many of the scenes greatly exaggerated, and his portrayal of Kareena Chopra, a disaster. M S Bhakar, however, does deserve a special mention. Though brief, his role as Kajal’s dance master is hugely entertaining.

Thaman has delivered a couple of good songs but the BGM is clueless in many scenes. Cinematography looks sloppy with many not to mention shots and lighting. Editor has gone sleepy while doing his job i guess. Many scenes are going going and still going without anyone calling for a cut. But makeup and costume was perfect during the flashback of 80’s.

After a hat-trick of hits, Rajesh misses the trick this time around. Although all his previous movie had wafer-thin storyline and relied completely on Santhanam, those movies had scope for Santhanam to take over the spotlight. In this movie, most of his jokes and one-liners fall flat, due to lack of interesting screenplay. Rajesh definitely needs to think beyond relying completely on Santhanam. The film is a mess. There is nothing to even remotely suggest that it is directed by Rajesh, who is considered the master of comedy in the Tamil film industry.


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