Moodar Koodam (TAMIL) – Fools Gathering


Starring: Naveen, Sentrayan, Rajaj, Kuberan, Oviya and many more
Editing: Athiyappan Siva
Cinematography: Tony Chan
Music: Natarajan Sankaran
Written and Directed : Naveen

I dont know how to categorize this film under one genre. Its a film mixed of many genres. Each and every episode and pre-episodes (you should watch the film for those interesting ones) have been well sketched one. It shows how writing is very important for the modern films. This is one such film which is mostly known as Dark Comedy or Black Comedy. Hats off for the director to give us such an amazing and interesting story to have a look.

As the title suggests, Moodar Koodam is the story of a group of fools, which is made on the theory of Gautham Buddha, “It’s better well to Travel well than to arrive.” The plot revolves around four unemployed youths – Naveen, Vellaisamy, Sentrayan and Kuberan who land in the same jail for minor offense and become friends. After their release from the jail, few undesirable circumstances force them to join hands for a robbery. They decide to rob Bhaktavatsalam (Jayaprakash) , who is Vellaisamy’s uncle, and to settle down in life. A series of unexpected events that happens while they attempt to rob the rich man seems a little unbelievable, but is still hilarious.

Have you ever seen a dog and a doll having a song for them. This film gives you that. That too has a pre-story for them. Also the kids who are in this film have been cleverly shown, especially the little girl who attends Jayaprakash’s calls and tells that her mom and dad are having a bath together and irritates him by asking many things for eating and names him as Bad uncle. Director Naveen, who also played one of main leads, packs some powerful lines amidst all the humour in the film. For instance, a scene where he explains the divide between rich and poor using a simple anecdote of a mango tree deserves a loud applause. Sentrayan can be seen in many more films after his wonderful performance in the film.

Music plays a crucial part for most of the film as many of the scenes are without dialogs or with just a minimal of dialogs. Natarajan Sankaran is the one to watch in the future. Tony Chan has clearly differentiated the colour tones for different periods in the movie (Present/backstories). The camera angles are also strikingly different and the close-up shots are sometimes even bizarre. There is an animation song in the film, which serves as a backstory to one of the lead characters. It is interestingly conceived and executed convincingly.

The title Moodar Koodam (Fools Gathering) is apt for the film.  Every character with his eccentric personality traits tries his best to appear formidable, but invariably ends up looking like a fool and evokes laughter from the audience. Comedy and satire are beautifully interwoven in Moodar Koodam with excellent support from all the cast.  The only negative in the film is the number of characters and incidents incorporated into the film, creating an overdose of everything. Go for it one and only if you like black comedy type of movies or if you wish to have a change in watching a different genre of films far away from the cliched one. I like this one..!!  🙂


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