We’re the Millers (ENGLISH)


A laughathon which i never saw in recent times, that too in a road trip adult comedy. All the characters along with the plot was really cool. No where you can feel its boring. We’re the millers is one such film.

David is a drug dealer and he does the same job what he had in college, selling weed, and that’s about all he does. He makes a good living and is saving up a bankroll, that is until the day he is robbed, not only of his own money but of all the money he had which he owes to his supplier. Now he’s got to pull off a dangerous job in order to cancel the debt, head to Mexico & cross back over the border with a shipment hidden away in an RV. Only problem is, he knows he’ll be searched & found out by the border guards. What he needs is to make all believe, and what is better is to travel as a family of four. So he recruits the least likely team possible; a stripper, a runaway, and an useless guy. Transforming themselves into your average every day family, the “Millers” try to pull off an almost impossible mission, pretending that they are normal.

Jason does a breezy performance as the head of the imposter Miller family. Even he is a greedy, he has to pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, is quite subdued. She has some sporadic funny moments throughout the picture, like being caught kissing her fake son, but for the most part she is serious and down to business, letting the supporting cast handle the comedic weight. Will Poulter does a remarkable job at playing the awkward teenaged Kenny struggling with growing pains. He deftly balances the teen angst with the slapstick and is an actor to keep an eye open for in the future.

Everyone does a decent job, but the real stars are the supporting players: Ed Helms as a crime lord, and Nick Offerman with Kathryn Hahn as a ‘real’ family of do-gooders.

It’s predictable, with no logic and too long – but a handful of really big chuckles excuse most of the cop-outs. There’s a much edgier film in here somewhere, but this one will definitely do with you having a hefty laugh.


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