Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam (TAMIL) – Club for Dont Care Youths

varutha padatha Valibar Sangam 2013


Starring: Sivakarthikeyan,Sri Divya,Sathyaraj,Soori and many more
Editing: Vivek Harshan
Cinematography: Balasubramaniam
Music: D.Imman
Direction : Ponram (Debut)

The growth of the hero in his real life could not have been much better than for Sivakarthikeyan. Step by step success of him proves what the real meaning of hard work is. The film got a tremendous reception all over the world due to the sheer promotional stuffs.

This is a film where the formula is clear. Comedy , comedy and more comedy. There are more and more films which is in the pipeline which has comedy as their genre. This also follows the same. Just a few additions and deletions to the story is the difference overall. But what makes interesting in VVS is its screenplay, well supported by the characters.

One cannot take a serious action film with Siva as the hero, that too when he is joined by Soori. They both have stolen the entire first half of the film and later joined by Sathyaraj in the most part of the second half from where there is nothing to look back. This film also has story,romance,action and all the elements needed but all are given in a comical manner. Heroine looks and acts good too.

Music and Dialogues adds more tempo for the film. Songs are already chartbusters, with almost all the songs have been declared as hit. Imman is back again with more and more bangs. M.Rajesh (Director of SMS,Boss and OK OK) has taken the credits for dialogues and hence is the comic touch all over the film. Given the length for such a comical film, certain scenes could have been trimmed by Vivek, the editor.

Ponram delivered what he has learnt well from his master M.Rajesh. As the trend is comedy and the hero has all the needed elements, this film could not become dud anywhere. Such is the credits the entire team should credit for themselves. 150 minutes of fun is the best thing which is given by the VVS team. Go for it..!!


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