Thanga Meengal (TAMIL) – Golden Fishes

Thanga Meengal Release Date Posters (2)



Starring: Ram,Shelly,Baby Sadhana,Padmapriya and many more
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Cinematography: Arbindu Saara
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Written and Directed : Ram

WOW..!! Thats wat one will say after seeing a director producing a film which is directed by another director, that too asking him to don the greasepaint.  After a different debut from him, Ram had to wait so many years to see his next coming on the screen.

This is a totally opposite genre of film making where the relationship between a dad and his daughter is described in a poetic way. Its upto you whether you understand it or not. If not, then you have to update yourself in understanding such a way of film making.

Story. A man who does everything watever his daughter asks him. Never says no to her. And no one can say no to such a doting daughter.Each and every movement of Baby Sadhana has acted. Ram knows how to act as its not acting but just to live as his own character of the story which he has penned.Padmapriya , even though she comes only in a few scenes, has made her part looks beautiful.Crossing mountains to get the rainmaker so that he can get the pug which his daughter wanted, none of the father’s will do wat Ram’s character does. Simply superb..!!

Arbindu Saara , man to look out for the future. His cinematography speaks the story through his lens. Yuvan can be very proud in doing music for such films in his career. Sreekar Prasad could have made the film a bit crispy with the cuts but given such a story all the scenes are very much needed.

Totally, days have come when the Tamil films can also be said equally to Iranian films. And one such example is Thanga Meengal. But I bet not all will love it. But the real film lovers will accept it with open hands. Hats off to GVM and Ram for giving such a master piece.


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