Thalaivaa (TAMIL)


Thalaivaa (TAMIL) – Leader

Starring: Vijay,Amala Paul,Sathyaraj,Santhanam and many more
Editing: Antony
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar
Written and Directed : Vijay

After a long hiatus, the film saw its release in this part of the country. Well almost other parts of the world might have seen this film long back, let me give my review on this.

This is just an pure and pure commercial flick. So conditions like logics wont apply for this. Dont think too much on how the director Vijay’s film will be. He has made a film to satisfy actor Vijay this time.

Story is set in Mumbai Dharavi Slums so you would have seen them in the 80’s in the film ‘Naayagan‘ ( the director thanks Mani Ratnam for that), and for having the father and son story with goons as backdrop based on ‘Sarkkar‘ (thanks this time to Ram Gopal Varma). So you would have guessed it by now. Same used out formula only and the film nicely follows the usual template of making the first half to be shot in a different location as here its in Australia and second half in a different location,Mumbai. First half has the usual share of songs,comedy,romance and when you ask whats new in this there comes a twist in the form of heroine being shown as a cop that too in India. What happens next is what shown in a Thalaivaa way.

Vijay improves his body and his mannerisms film by film. He looks terrific in all the dance movements be its western or slow or folk. Guess some one may make him act in a complete dance movie. Amala Paul gets a complete acting part after her debut ‘Myna‘. Santhanam steals away the film in the entire film with his witty dialogues. Sathyaraj plays his part to the T.

Nirav shows two different cities of different countries like how it looks (special mention about the scene where Vijay and Amala travels in a car on a bridge). GVP shows his presence well in the songs than in the BGM (some sounds like a refurbished of his own). Villains could have been shown better in such films. Dont know when there will be villains who are clever in brain than in brawn. Given the film will be commercial, the film lacks pace at times. The length could have been chopped off a bit in the first half.

Director Vijay has done his part of bringing back the mashup of all the old hit films based on Mumbai and Goons in a updated format with new persons replacing the old ones. But where he lost out is the way in which he chose to show the updated version. You expect some scene and yes it will be present. The final scene where Vijay appears with a shawl could have been avoided but that also proves its a commercial flick based on a hero and not on the story. What i feel is Actor Vijay and director Vijay joins hand to provide a commercial blockbuster which is not fully satisfying given their talent. Could have been better but its not completely bad.

(PS: I dont see any crap thing on the film like how others said bout the film and the 10 days ban is such a dumb thing from the people who cant see others growing.)


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