Biriyani (TAMIL)


Biriyani (TAMIL) – My first music review..

Music: Yuvan (100th film)
Starring: Karthi,Hansika,Premji and etc.
Director: Venkat Prabhu

Ahh..!! Finally the hurry burry of the audio problems comes to an end with the original being released today. Lets see whether U1 scored centum in his 100th.

Singers: Tanvi Shah, Vilasini and Bhavatharini
Lyrics: Gangai Amaren, Tanvi Shah

A different beginning to the opening track of the audio track. Scintillating flutes marks the opening with the tamil and english lyrics mixed well like how the title of the song is named. A totally different try from Yuvan for landmark album. A short but bright opening for the album.

2.Nahna Na Nah
Singers: Devan
Lyrics: Vaali,Yuvan

Vaali plays his words all through the entire song with Devan sounding a bit relaxed from his usual singing (Nice backup given by Premgi with his Nahna’s). A melodic but at times with cool instruments comes to foreground makes this song to listen again and again.

3.Pom Pom Penne
Singers: Rahul Nambiar, Ramya NSK
Lyrics: Kaarki

A funny composition of sorts brings cheers to this song which has funny lyrics too (Makes me remember a similar song from the film ‘Maayavi‘). Song picks a little momentum in the middle and turns to a bit of U or Me type before dipping back to slow. A quirky attempt which gets the liking slowly.

Singers: Karthi, Premgi Amaren, Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Vaali

Yes you read it correct. This is the song which was sung by the hero himself and this song is for the masses.The opening bit sounds like the opening of ‘Vaama Duraiamma‘ song from ‘Madrasapattinam‘ but changes immediately to slow and silky by its rhythm. Karthi sounds good as for this song is considered. Premji adds his presence by his apt chorus. Can be enjoyed overall as its a partly western and partly folkish. Should check how its presented in the film.

5.Run for your Life
Singers and Lyrics: Gaana Bala, PSYCHO unit

Another album which has the presence of our own Gaana king. Almost all the genre of musiq has been gathered in this song. Psycho Unit steals the show in the first half of the song later which Gaana Bala joins and makes this song to listen in a loop. Gaana’s part comes with a shady mode of music which is very nice. Bala gets a different song in this album.Ending might thrill the ‘Mankatha‘ fans.

6.Edhirthu Nil
Singers: D. Imman, G. V. Prakash Kumar, S. Thaman, Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

A song which has to presented with the voice of our own Oscar Hero A.R.Rahman sees the union of 4 famous musiq directors namely Imman,GV Prakash,Vijay Antony and Thaman. Kudos to U1 for making such a try and congrats for all the 4 of them to come forward and unite for the big album of U1. GV starts with his usual melodic voice then Antony takes the cue and increase the tempo with his voice. Thaman and Imman joins in the second half and makes this song really a very nice one.

7.Nahna Na Nah (New Jack Swing Mix)
Sung by U1
Lyrics: Vaali

Pleasant to hear this mix. More interesting and equally good as the original. Yuvan enjoys making this song it seems. He has composed so casually which is impressive. The bollywood bakras who makes nonsense of remixes, please hear this and try to give one mix like this. Hats off U1 for this mix.

8.Nahna Na Nah (Extended Dance Mix)
Singers: Premgi Amaren, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Vaali,Yuvan

Starts with the U1’s previous mash up songs base and a bit of bhangra. A fast forward version of the original. A pure one for the clubs and follows all the dance mix like how it should be.Watch for the folk beat and Thalaivar’s dialog at the end.
Brothers join together to give a really good and excellent album as usual , which creates more interest on how the film will be and how the songs will be shown in the film. Fingers crossed..!! 🙂 🙂


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